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Family Owned and Operated

West of the 5th was started by brothers Nathan and Caleb on their family farm in 2018. The family grows over 10-acres of fresh fruits to be used as flavouring in their award-winning moonshines and soon to be used in the new-to-house craft brandies. In just four short years of operating the distillery, the brotherly-band have brought home five provincial recognition awards for their spirits. At this very moment, Nathan and Caleb are switching gears to bring the public a line of authentic, premium-spirits which will be know to the public as "Barrel Yard".



It's what's on the inside that counts

"Putting out our best product has always been our top focus. We are now distilling through our one of a kind  Canadian Hand-Made Still from Specific Mechanical. Working closely with their team, we commissioned a truly unique Still thats 100% stainless-steel and we add copper packing to our plates to adjust the amount of the product comes in contact with. This allows us to do truly amazing things with different spirits". 

- Caleb Z.

"Our distillery is located in the heart of Barrhead, Alberta in one of the oldest shops of the town. Originally built back in the early 1940's as a Mercury Motors, it has seen decades of automotive history. When you come visit our distillery you will still be able to see the original counter-lever roof-trusses; making one of the largest spanning roofs of its time."

- Nathan Z.


Since December of 2018 Nathan and Caleb have worked hundred of hours renovating everything. From gutting original infrastructure, to installing new waterlines and replacing electrical. Hundreds of hours have been spent on ventilation, putting up walls with new insulation and sheeting. This shop has been a passion project continues to be to this day.

"We are proud of what we make as well as where we live and we cannot wait to share it all with you".

- The W5 Family.

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