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30% ACL / 60 PROOF



Sweet and bold fruit punch up front and finished with sour cherries, grown in our orchard, at the end.


Five Finger Fruit Punch is fermented from 100% Alberta sugar beets, run though our Canadian hand made still, slightly filtered though a carbon filter, a blend of real bc fruit and artifical flavouring finished with sour cherries from our farm, or other local farms from Alberta and then sweetened.

Five Finger Fruit Punch

  • Moonshine is our fun way of saying "Uncategorized Spirit" in Canada. We are honouring a 90 year old recipie and using Alberta Sugar Beets and we are not filtering it to the point of a Vokda.

    Our fruit spirits over 23% ACL are like your standared fruit liqueures just not sweetend to the same levels.