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Not sure what flavor you like? Not sure how to choose just one or two bottles? Giving someone a gift but you don't know what they love?

Don't worry! We've got it covered.


Our Mini Shine Gift Box Set comes pre-loaded with SIX amazing flavors! 

Each flavor is loaded into a mini glass mason jar which can be washed and re-used time and time again!


Each Gift Box Includeds:


1 x 50ml W5 Candy Cane Shine

1 x 50ml W5 Apple Pie Shine

1 x 50ml W5 Pink Lemonade Shine

1 x 50ml W5 Spiced Cranberry Shine

1 x 50ml W5 Saskatoon Berry Shine

1 x 50ml W5 Espresso Shine

Mini Gift Set - Winter Edition